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1. Q: How can I pay for my product?
    A: We accept different payment methods Credit Cards and PayPal. Please feel free to chose your favourite!

2. Q: How can I get acces to Discounts on Cosy Avocado?   
    A: It's is free of charge! Join the Cosy Avocado Club and as loyal member, we will not only inform you about the discouts per e-mail, but also send you special  members Discount Coupons. 

3. Q: Can I get a birthsday discount?  
    A:  If you share with us your e-mail and birthsday becoming Cosy Avocado Club member, we would love to give you on any birthsday 30% one-time discount code, active for one full year!

4. Q: What about Cosy Avocado Return Policy
    A: Cosy Avocado is customer friendly e-shop. We want our customers to be happy not only with our procts but also with the experience. Please check our Refund Policy and feel free to contact us on customerservice@cosyavocado.com in case you have any questions. 

In case you have any other questions or conerns please contact us on: