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Beewax reusable Food Wrap (Plastic Free & Eco Friendly 100% Organic)

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  • Eco Friendly and 100% Organic way to store your food an perfect substitute to plastic wraps.
  • Manufacutred from 100% organic cotton, beeswax, organic jojoba oil and resin.
  • We have tested the Reusable Eco-beeswax cotton wrap sucessfully using it for about a year now, several times a week for food packaging and continue using it.

How use:

Easy to use and clean

  • using natural warm of your hands carefully wrap fruits, vegetables, sandwiches or a meal container before puting the package in the fridge
  • after use clean the wrap carefuly with cold water and mild detergent hang it to dry in place with no direct sunlight to avoid melting of beeswax
  • store it basket or drawer
  • enjoy using the wrap again

Size options:

Simple, beautiful and practical Eco Food Wrap available in 3-piece set or separately in all sizes:
Small size 8 x 7 inches (20 x 17cm)
Medium size 11 x 10 inches (28 x 25m)
Large size 14 x 13 inches (36 x 33cm)


  • Beeswax cling film is prone to creases, and the beeswax may start to fall off from the creases. At this point, you just need to reheat it and push the beeswax on the cotton cloth evenly, it will become just like new.
  • Can be used for cheese, fruit, vegetables and bread, and other food preservation.
  • NOT to be used for meat, fish and/or similar